Fáilte ar ais - Welcome Back

It is lovely to be able to welcome the public back to mass again. A gentle reminder to please follow the instructions of our ushers and maintain social distancing inside the church. Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the church and wear a mask. Seats are roped off to ensure social distancing so please do not remove ropes or try to enter a seat that is roped off. This is for your own safety. Seating in church will be on a first come, first served basis so if you wish to attend an anniversary mass, for example, please come early to ensure that you get a seat. Our teams of sanitisers and ushers will endeavour to ensure that our churches continue to be safe and hygienic. Please remember that they are volunteers who are generously giving their time so that we can all attend mass safely. We are very grateful to them for this. Our mass schedule will remain the same for the time being. Fáilte ar ais - Welcome Back!